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Saturday, July 7, 2007

Yesterday, I finished my painting, Green Apple I, and began the next in my subject series. I will photograph it and post soon (still very wet - difficult to position for photographing). Today - amist all of life's other demands... more painting! My personal goal is to paint every day. I realize I may not finish a painting everyday, although that would be great, but I intend to actively apply brushstokes everyday to a painting in progress.

Because I teach art (various media), many people assume that I create art every day. That's pretty far from the truth... the environment of a classroom is really not very conducive to making art - other than making examples for the students. Much time is taken up with explanations, discipline (otherwise known as subduing the 'madding crowds'), grading, faculty meetings, making photocopies, & trying to provide a differentiated learning experience for all the various age and skill levels I teach in a typical high school class. It has been an uphill exertion to maintain the kind of personal discipline necessary to paint for myself on a regular basis. I want to improve on that and increase my creative output. Plus, there is the component of frequency begetting fluency that must apply here! Can we ever be too fluent in our media? Isn't there always something new to explore and to learn and to apply? I will be quite pleased to work some everyday on a project in progress... and produce several of these per week.

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