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Sunday, July 8, 2007

A word about the etc.... in Brushstrokes, etc.

For the past 6 months or so, I have been wondering, questioning, thinking about, and trying to redefine the whole idea of creativity. I understand the concept, but think that we miss the depth of it. I have become very interested in uncovering what the somewhat illusive creative process is all about, especially within the context of learning to become all that I (as a uniquely created individual) was created to be. So, I'll be posting about my musings and discoveries here from time to time.

Meanwhile, Green Apple 2 (my next small painting), is also completed. (Still drying) I am finding it very helpful to be disciplined and be painting daily - even if it is not completing a painting every day - when there is a goal in place, a idea that is intriguing, a direction already planned, and I can just continue to move forward with it. I know it will be much more challenging once school gets started, especially this fall as I teach a whole new course - completely uncharted ... which is why I cannot commit to finishing a painting every day. But, I think the goal to paint daily in a small format will allow me to complete 3 or more paintings a week. (I reserve the right to ammend that number, if it becomes necessary!)

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