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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Drawing or Painting?? I never know exactly what to call a colored pencil drawing. This is part of a private collection, but is colored pencil on paper (Prisma colors on white paper). The tree is a drawing of one of the oldest trees - an Elm, I think, in our Northern IL county. It happens to reside on the grounds of my daughter's high school.

Anyway - some artists refer to colored pencil as a painting - and that seems reasonable since colors are mixed and layered and applied much like paint ... some may refer to it as a drawing - which also seems reasonable. So who knows. This piece is older, and if I were to do it again, I would try it on black paper, which in my opinion works even better than white with prisma colors!


ria said...

Hi Helen,
I would say it's a "painting". Drawing is the use of line and painting is the use of shapes.
Nice piece.
Thanks for your comments on my work.

Anonymous said...

Well, whatever you say, I know where this one is.......(hee hee)


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