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Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring Special! Floral Note Cards

Floral Note Card Set -
8 cards/envelopes, 4 designs (featuring my original art works)
Each set is $10.00 + shipping
(IL residents, please add 8.25% sales tax)

Special price through the month of April
2 sets - $18.00
(shipping in US - 2 sets $5.00)

To see more of my original art work in the form of note cards and prints,
please click here.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Old Favorites - Red Pepper Halves

Red Pepper Halves, 6x6" Oil on canvas
©2007, Helen Read
Ready to frame

For a convenient link to this painting, please click here.

This painting will always be one of my old favorites! I really love the beautiful abstraction of the interior of the fruit - the curves and colors are almost beyond description! Also, interesting shadows are created.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Old Favorites - Plated Peppers

Peppers - multicolored, 6x6" Oil on canvas
©2007, Helen Read
Ready to frame

For more information on this painting,
please click here.

For even more of my work, please visit my website:

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Old Favorites - Tomatoes in a Basket

Tomatoes in a Basket, 6x6" Oil on canvas
©2007, Helen Read

Looking at this just makes me want to get into the garden to
plant more of these. Yes, this was a harvest from my own little backyard
garden. Delicious! Also a lot of fun to paint.

See more of my work at my website!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Old Favorites - A Pair of Pears

A Pair of Pears, 6x6" Oil on canvas
©2007, Helen Read
Ready to frame

More more information on this painting, please click here.

Another one of my favorites! These 2 pears have such great color to them, and I love the color in the shadows below!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Purple Kohlrabi - old favorites

Purple Kohlrabi, 7 x 5" Oil on canvas
©2007, Helen Read
ready to frame

Please click here for a convenient purchase link

Because of the very busy spring season here - and my slower pace in the studio due to work, classes I'm taking, and other personal commitments - I'm going to be reviewing some of my favorite paintings from time to time.

This one is one I really like - there is something soft and inviting in the color scheme and it shows the beautiful veining of the leaves. Also, its just an odd looking vegetable that made a pretty cool subject! Yes, this one is available for purchase ~ You can click the link above to find out more!

Monday, March 8, 2010


Asleep, 5x7" Acrylic on canvas
©2010, Helen Read


This - is my cat, Junebug. Sleeping. sometimes she's just a ball of stripes and feet! Here she is, curled up and asleep, tucked into a back leg.

The turquoise blue you see is the under painting. I really liked the effect and that it gave some life to the simplicity of her black, gray, and white coloring.

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Out of Context, 5x5" Oil on canvas
©2010, Helen Read

Well, I'm working on another idea here - and this is just one part of it. It occurred to me how great a metaphor puzzle pieces can be for things we don't quite grasp completely. Sometimes (Ok, well often, really) we only see a little bit of the whole picture. I always seem to want to find complete understanding by just looking at one or 2 little pieces .... They are pieces out of context and can't make sense until the process of those pieces falling into place has more time.

The same is true of just taking 1 little bit of scripture and trying to make it speak ~ most often, that 1 piece must be put into context with the whole in order to truly understand.

Artistically, I'm not sure this one is done - not sure about the background color - and what I may still need to do - - - so even this maybe is out of context! Like life, art is a process of putting things together, allowing things to unfold, and grasping the understanding of it all!

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