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Friday, July 13, 2007

The critic within is alway busily at work! I have found myself analyzing what I like or not about the works I have done this week. And feel that I have a mixed bag! Some elements I like, some I do not. With the 3 apple paintings, I have used an unusual color (for me!) in the red napkin underneath. Also - and this is strange, I'd love some feedback on it - I am trying a new brand of oils... and they simply work differently. The colors act and mix differently ... Has anyone else dealt with that? I guess its expected in dramatic color changes, but the whole new brand just seems SO different from what I've previously used! My upcoming work - which is coming slowly - is a conch shell... and I see my need to develop a looser technique ... so many areas I'd like to grow and become better at what I do!

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wanda knight said...

I know what you mean about color. And for me Red is one of the hardest. I see you are just starting your blog too. It has been an experience for me. I guess you could say I am somewhat computer challanged.

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