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Friday, July 20, 2007

Posting another painting that isn't right off the easle! This one was done (easle, paint, and all) at the Field Museum in Chicago. It is oil on masonite. It is an abstraction (simplification, really) of a seed pod in a particular type of pine tree. As I was painting it, it seemed to take on a life of its own, in a way, and speak to me about where I should go with it. I have a real attraction to magnifing objects, which leads to an abstraction of them... where the innate beauty can be seen a bit differently. The interest in abstracting has definitely been an adult interest. While in college, I really didn't appreciate the concept of simplification and abstraction. Truthfully, in many ways, I find it more challenging than working realistically... although I do both and enjoy both!

I am continuing to paint everyday! I'm very pleased about that - and hope the discipline I'm creating becomes a steadfast habit!


ML McHUGH said...

I truly enjoy your entries. These last two paintings especially. Would you mind if I listed you on my blog as a link? Let me know at

Helen Read said...

Thanks so much! Please link me!!

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