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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Experimenting ~ New materials, New technique

Marshes, approx 6.5 x 9" Oil pastel on illustration board
©2014 Helen Read
matted and ready to frame in 11x14" frame 

(Please add $10.00 shipping in US,  IL residents please add 8.25% sales tax)

Does one ever stop experimenting?   Hopefully not!   Recently I've worked with a new brand of oil pastel ~ Gallery by Mungyo and using Res-n-gel as an extender.  This is done on a smooth illustration board (no tooth).  And I've also been working with a new look at color harmonies.  So, here's a little view of something I worked on this evening.  I will always love the sense of texture that is inherent in pastel work.    More experimentation needed, I think.  But I like the vibrant colors and the blending that is possible. 

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Foliage and Rose

Foliage and Rose, 9.25x11.25" ink and acrylic on illustration board
©2014, Helen Read
Ready to mat and frame 

(Please add $12.00 shipping in the US, IL residents please add 8.25% sales tax)

This painting/drawing is done in both ink and acrylic paint used as water media.  Sometimes its extraordinarily difficult to get true colors to show with a photo or a scan.  I think I've finally captured it.  The rose is slightly yellow and has blues and lavenders in the shadows.     I took the reference photo for this last summer - the rose captured my attention because of its delicate coloring and the beautiful rich foliage surrounding it.  It is painted in the style of a botanical illustration with detail, but also has some elements of a more contemporary feel.

I suggest a white matting for it, and a frame of approximately 14x16".

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Changing Seasons, finally finished!

Changing Seasons,  22x15" acrylic on paper
©Helen Read, 2014
Ready to mat and frame

This abstract painting has been long in its production!  It is finally finished.  I've tried to portray the changing of seasons simply through color and pattern.  There is a suggestion of a quilt below the surface.  I arranged my empty canvas in squares before I began.  I included certain smaller squares throughout that are intended to draw the eye through the composition.  There are small passages that include some metallics.  My intention in this piece is to provide an overall "feel" to the piece while giving the view many areas to look at more intently.  I also hope it provides a sense of change that we experience as we move from the abundance of color and growth to the sparsity of a season of rest and quiet.  

For more information on the purchase of this piece, please email me.
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