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Saturday, October 29, 2011

November Featured Painting - Sardinian Sunshine

Sardinian Sunshine,  6x6" Oil on canvas
©2011, Helen Read 
ready to frame 

For the month of November only,  this painting is featured for 


This painting is one that I did for Virtual Paintout.  One uses Google Street View to find a spot worthy of painting - and then a painting is done (thus the name - Virtual Paintout) 
I really liked this view particularly for the dramatic shadows on the side of the white wall. 
The whole thing gave the feeling of being in sun drenched Sardinia!  
For the month of November only, this painting is featured at $30.  If it doesn't sell, it will revert to its usual price of $100.   Maybe it would make a nice gift!   Or maybe it would be perfect for that small space or shelf that needs some original art!   Either way, its ready to be shipped to its new home!  

Friday, October 28, 2011

LAST CALL! $30 for just a few more days!

October's Featured Painting is almost over! 
through the end of October.

Green Agave, 6x6" Watercolor and Acrylic on clayboard 
©2011, Helen Read 

(ready to frame.  Shipping $10.00 in US, IL residents, please add 8.25% sales tax.)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Dried Flowers

Dried Flowers,  10x8" Oil on canvas
©2009, Helen Read 

Well, this has been an incredibly busy month!   I have a small painting drying, which I'll be able to post soon.  I've also been working on a commission.... and then a million things with my semester at school too.  So, while I wait for paint to dry, I'm reposting this fall painting from a couple years ago. 
I tried to depict the paper thin, dried white flowers of this vine I found in my neighborhood.  It also had some very interesting brown berries.  I'm sure the birds enjoy it through the winter time.   Fall seems to be rapidly overtaking us now... it won't be long till all we see are dried remnants of summer!  

Monday, October 17, 2011

still working .....

I haven't put this aside entirely, though it has been awhile since I've worked on it.   Lately, I've done more work...  

Its large!   28 x 27"  And entirely abstract.  I'm using acrylic on canvas and have attached some textured materials.  It is painted in acrylics and really, I've only just gotten a start (mostly just an under painting so far) - it will be much more painted.    My inspiration?   The cosmos!   I'll be posting updates as I make more progress. 

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fall is upon us...

Barely There,  8x10" Oil on Canvas
©2009, Helen Read

Where I live, fall is definitely upon us.  Its been gloriously warm this last week, but all the colors are beginning to show and vibrate with color.  It won't be long until just a few leaves are left clinging to nearly bare branches.    

I'm currently working on some larger paintings in between all the other things that seem to keep me very busy with work and family.  I hope to post some updates soon. 
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