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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Here is another old - very old - painting, started years ago and only completed in the last few months. The rest of the story on my work with the gessoed board (yesterday's post): I finished the painting - and think I'd rather work with a little texture on the surface. I have one more of these little boards on hand and plan to try acrylic on it. I'll see what I think about that! Still no camera, so I'll post these things in a few weeks.

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mick mcginty said...

Hello Helen,
I appreciate the kind comments you left on my blog, and was happy to see a link to my blog on yours. I will get a link to yours on mine.
Great work, I especially liked your landscapes. great harmony of color and design.
I also appreciated your thoughts on God being an artist and how he ha given me (and you) this voice. My whole family has been through thier own awakening and I have never been able to explain this passion to paint in the same way that they explain thier relationship. You put it as well as anyone that has ever been commissioned to be an artist for him. Thanks again,

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