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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Sunday... my last day at home for a few weeks. I'll be going to Dallas and then Austin, TX for the next 2 weeks, which for me is going home, to my home state. (I'm taking an umbrella!) It will be more difficult to work there because I won't have the surroundings of supplies that I do here, but - I do intend to do a series of postcard-sized works, probably using acrylic as watermedia.

Using this method, I usually start with watercolor - yet - feel that I don't get the intensity I'm after w/just watercolor. So, I then go back with acrylic to heighten the drama. But, I've learned to be careful to keep the acrylic watery ... it easily becomes thick and very flat, and then I lose the qualities that make it an interesting media on paper. (Acrylic on canvas, I feel, is another whole arena where thickness is desirable!)

This picture, today, is another abstracted work - also done at the Field Museum in Chicago a few years ago. Tangled together with its shadow from several angles, is a Bird of Paradise. I think this painting - as I observed my subject - was one of the first times that I really began to notice the sense of humor that our Creator has infused into creation! This particular flower has such "Dr. Suess-like" humor to it... That just says something to me about 1 aspect of our Creator! Perhaps not the typical view of God. :-)

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BoydGreeneArt said...

Beautiful painting. I love it when an artist is not afraid to experiment. Very nice. The creation of God is most amazing. I know that as long as I live I'll never create anything comparable to His.

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