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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

From Texas

Today, I'm posting from Dallas, Tx. Though not even close to my regular routines of life while on a trip, I am still managing to create some art each day. (I think this is the acid test of discipline ... at least for me, it is! Of course there are still about 11 or 12 days of this trip to continue to be disciplined!) I am mostly working in water color during these weeks away, and hope to be able to create some interesting and fun pieces, hopefully, creative and unusual pieces while I'm here. Unfortunately, photographing will have to come in a few weeks... :-(

If anyone has "tricks of the trade" that you use to maintain structure to your work while away from your studio, please post them on the comments! I may need practical help as time goes on!

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ML McHUGH said...

Just devote 30 min. to 1 hour each day to do a quick little sketch or a small painting, no matter what. It gets to be a habit after a while. I also don't shy away from sketching or drawing while sitting around with friends. Most of them know that I have a blog and try to produce something everyday. Good luck.

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