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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Worship - The Lord Speaks

Worship 4 - The Lord Speaks, 9 x 12" mixed media on paper
©2008, Helen Read

Another abstract art work representing a very abstract concept, Worship. This one is mixed media - and it seemed to evoke the idea of the poetic and beautiful words of our loving creator. The idea of "logos", or word, runs deep through scripture. By his words, he spoke everything into existence. He gives us his word in the form of scripture for all he wants us to know about his character and his intent to love us at a cost to himself. And most wonderful of all - he gives us his Word - another name for Jesus whom he sent to "speak" to us as one of us ... and yet in his human-ness he was also completely God - as part of the Trinity. It is an incomprehensible mystery but the truth of it does not depend on our ability to understand. The Lord Speaks also communicates the idea that he reaches out to us to know and be known! Pretty amazing!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Helen, I can see a lot of different possibilities in this abstract painting. Worship comes in so many flavors!

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