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Monday, June 28, 2010

The Progress continues

I'm still working on this - and have put in some of the values in the pears now. I need to continue adjusting and there's much more to be done on the background and the table top.
Its coming along, however. I'll post more soon!


Janice Skivington said...

Lovely so far. I like the brushwork in the brownish background, the contrast of the purple shadow with the golden hues of the pears. And most of all your arrangement of the contour lines which form a lyrical set of movement. The pear in the foreground needs a tiny bit of adjustment to balance the shape in relationship with the other two. maybe if the bottom half was less symmetrical. I hope you don't mind my thoughts. I really like your new blog design too.

Helen Read said...

Thank you Janice! I DO appreciate your thoughts ... and hope to continue working on this (and maybe finish it??) this week!

Janice Skivington said...

I will be interested to see it completed! nice color work in the pears.
One more thought, it would be better to not have the end of the stems "just' touching the edges. That is one of those design rules, isn't it.

Helen Read said...

Thanks, and yes it is a design rule. This photo is a little cut off so, things do fall within the picture plane.... one of the hazards of digital photography and things not lining up perfectly - thus getting cropped a bit closely for posting. When I scan the finished painting, it should show a better cropping!

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