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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Worship III

Worship III, Glory - 20 x 15" Oil pastel on paper
©2008, Helen Read

To see the whole worship series, please visit my website.

As this work came from my hands, done without preconceived planning ~ but simply as an act of worship ~ the idea of the shining glory of God began to come forward in my thoughts. There are references to it through the Old Testament, as seen at times by the children of Israel. It was also evidenced on the face of Moses when he entered into the presence of God (and yet, not ever seeing him face to face for it would have been too much to survive). This is a concept that we cannot begin to imagine - it is totally outside our realm of experience. Imagination is not a sufficient vehicle for what the Glory of God was, is, or will be! But for this earthly realm, it is the only vehicle we have! Soli Deo Gloria!


Janice Skivington said...

Helen, I love this thought and the work it has inspired. I feel inspired also to pursue the worship ideas I have.
It is beautiful, you are working with abstraction as it should be done.

Carol DeMumbrum said...

Soli Deo Gloria!! Beautiful!!

Helen Read said...

Thank you, Janice and Carol! Your comments mean a lot!

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