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Thursday, June 24, 2010

A new work in progress

I'm starting a small still life - 8 x 10" - of these 3 uniquely shaped pears! They have extraordinarily long necks and very unusual shapes, overall. I thought they would be an interesting subject - and be good practice for working in a realistic style. All in all, a great artistic exercise!

So, I've begun with a thin grisaille painting as you can see in the top painting. This was done in burnt sienna and I used both a paint in and a rub out technique. This is a great way to establish values and make corrections in the shapes of the objects. I have a few more corrections to make and then will begin the laying in of color glazes.

Check back - you'll see its progress develop!


Margaret Bednar said...

Can't wait! Great start.

Helen Read said...

Thanks, Margaret! Its coming along - I'll post more soon!

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