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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Small Studies and Such....

This is a composite of the small studies I did while on my recent trip to TX. At the top left, is actually a colored pencil drawing on black paper - which is a prototype for a project I will teach to some of my students this fall. The middle top is the beginning of a drawing (colored pencil again) of a lily. The top right, is a water color, enhanced by liquid acrylic, of a lily in a vase. (Fun to play with the reflections, water, vase, etc.) On the bottom, left, tomatoes in progress (not complete yet), water color on some strange paper that soaked it up like a sponge. Bottom middle is a water color study of blueberries, done from a photo - not yet finalized. Finally, bottom right, is a water color study of a magnolia tree - after the bloom - also not yet finalized. I did one other one, not included here, because I forgot! Well, it'll be included sometime in the future. It is a watercolor study of Crepe Myrtle, which grows rampantly in Texas, and in many colors.

Watercolor is a great traveling medium, but I always feel I need to play with it more with some liquid acrylics used as a water media in order to heighten the drama of color. I usually use 200 lb. or more paper for my watercolors, without stretching it. The drawings are both done with Prisma Color (my favorite colored pencil for its buttery softness and mixability) on black Canson paper.

All of the water color studies were fun to do... I plan to use them to do further studio work with oils.

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Louise Rosenfeld said...

I am SO excited!!! I've never looked at anyone's blog before, and as I looked through yours again this morning (first time since you were here), I kept thinking, "I must ask Helen if she was able to work on her art while she was staying with us." Then the lovely little painting of a stargazer lily in a familiar vase caught my attention! I am SO pleased!!

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