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Friday, August 17, 2007

Purple Kohlrabi Twins

8 x 8" Oil on canvas. (Click here for information on availability)

This is the exotic kohlrabi I saw at the grocery store and had to buy to paint. (I had never seen it in purple before - Thanks Whole Foods!) It also tasted pretty good! This painting, in an effort to work more loosely, was done almost entirely with a palette knife... just a few spots touched up with a brush. It was a lot of fun to do - and the results were also what I'd hoped to achieve. Oh, because of using a palette knife, the painting is heavily textured, which gives it a very tactile appeal.


Bronwyn said...

I'd like to know how you made kohlrabi taste good!?

Helen Read said...

Funny you should ask - I was mystified by this vegetable that looks like it came right from the mind of Dr. Suess! I peeled it, and cut it into small chunks. Boiled it till tender, mashed it with butter and salt and pepper and a little sour cream, and sprinkled it with cheddar cheese. It was good - but still had a bit of woody texture in spots. That being said, though, I might not choose it as a side dish every day! Maybe just occasionally :-)

Deb Kirkeeide said...

Helen, thanks so much for all your visits to my blog, your comments are always welcome and appreciated.
We seem to be of the same mind regarding kohlrabi! I was just contemplating its unique qualities when I was at the market yesterday. Not so much for it's nutritional offerings but for such a unique looking form! Now I see your fine job of capturing it on canvas and have to smile at the synchronicities that show up in life. I also went to your website and thought I'd mention your painted bowls. All very nice. I love functional art and have always wanted to apply my painting skills to pottery bowls and plates although haven't done so yet.

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