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Friday, August 10, 2007

Here's the last watercolor study I did while away in TX. Crepe Myrtle... it grows everywhere and is very beautiful. Large bushes in colors of pink, white, fuchsia, & lavender. The flowers are very delicate, but are in such profusion the delicacy is not immediately noticed. This one is shown looking directly down on a sprig of it in an amber glass. I am not really happy with the back shadow of lavender... and think I'll try to lighten that or maybe take it out completely.

As to oil painting - I completed a canvas yesterday - purple kohlrabi... very exotic! I'll post it soon! (And I'm sorry about the size of the last 2 pictures. Technological issues with camera, computer, and having to upload photos to the computer in an alternate way. Figures - Murphy's law seems to really kick in when there is some sort of urgency to a project. I hope to have it resolved soon.)

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Diana Moses Botkin said...

Crepe Myrtle! I was just thinking about that recently. It doesn't grow up here in north Idaho, but I'm very familiar with the bush blossoms from my Oklahoma roots. I'm enjoying your blog!

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