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Sunday, August 9, 2009


Just a small review of my June and July in landscapes!
S0 - I'm interested in your opinion... Here are 9 of my summer landscapes - most are oil pastel on paper - with a few oil paintings included. Which one is you fav? And, why? I'd really like to find out what moves the viewer and why. Leave a comment below. Let's number them 1 - 9, left to right, starting at the top. (or you could use row 1, #1 - for instance). Maybe you like the colors, maybe you like the sense of place or atmosphere, maybe you like the structure of the painting... whatever it is that speaks to you - I'd love to know!

By the way, these are all available! To find out more about that - please click here!


Terry Banderas said...

Hi Helen--
I just viewed your wonderful artwork. I like them. You have a nice soft style, and your use of color is nice. Most of your compositions are good and only on a few do the horizontal lines cut your art in half. For added interest, I like to see people, animals, birds, rocks, farm equipment, cars trucks, etc which I did not do on my latest post. Great job on these. I am sure they are fantastic once framed and I bet these make great note cards.

Michelle said...

Hi Helen,

Gosh, how do I pick just one or even two?

I guess I would say #4. I like the road that looks wet after a rain, and the white clouds look like they are replacing the rain clouds. So...after the storm so to speak. Now if I saw the original, full size pic, I might have a different opinion. The pics are pretty small.

Now that being said, each one is beautiful, and I can pick out cetain little details I like about each one. Like, I love the shadow of the tree in #7. #6 depicts, to me, my favorite time of day, just before sunset.

Love you,

charlie price said...

My favorite would be #5 Evening Sky.I like the color and atmosphere. Second choice is #1 Summer Skies. An approaching storm adding tension. I also like Meadow with its composition and aerial perspective.

Mary K B. said...

Hi Helen
I really love #1. I think it's the contrast in color or something. I really like the pale yellow and the way it makes the light feel in the landscape. My second favorite is #5. The rose tones captures that early evening atmosphere so well. You have an oil painting that's similar, I don't remember the name of it, but that one captures it even better and is also one of my favorites.
Next is #'s 7&8, though I wanted #8 to have a lighter foreground like #1 when it was a work in progress,
I know atmosphere is difficult to depict but you have done so very well with it. I agree with Terry, these will make wonderful notecards, or a set of mugs,etc...there are many ways to use these wonderful landscapes.

Michelle said...
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Michelle said...

Hey momma- :)
I like #3 the best, the blue hues on the structure are gorgeous to me.

Flora Giddens said...

Hi Helen!Love your art work!To pick ones I especially like I would go with # 3 and #4.Grew up in a rural area and these make me feel like I have returned home.Nice feeling!The colors are wonderful! Flora Giddens

James Tucker said...

I like #9 the most. I like the image and imagery of the fenceless road, and the leading into a light that gives the sense that it gets brighter the farther you go, and further sense of infiniteness and an infinite hope. Thats my road.

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