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Monday, August 17, 2009

A new work in progress

Here is just the beginning. I'm taking the previous pastel - Snowy Bank - and working now on a larger composition in oil. This will be 11 x 14" - not huge - larger than my pastel, however. Here I have oil sketched in the basic shapes.

I have to tell you, though, that after getting these shapes put in, I am re-thinking the angle of the diagonal behind it all, and also the placing of the verticals. I've now done a little more on this than this photo shows, and am not 100% satisfied with the composition. So... today .... it looks like I will need to make some alterations.

Sigh... sometimes the painting really just flows off the brush. Everything just works. Sometimes that is not the case, and every element has to be wrestled with and sometimes reworked. This may be one of those kinds of paintings! Well, keep checking back. I hope to have it finished this week, because a week from today... I'll be back in school with full classes of students!

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