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Friday, August 21, 2009

My work continues ...

By scrolling backwards a little bit, you will see the first posting (oil sketch) I did of this painting. With a few more studio hours of work, it is coming along... but not without its challenges and problems.

First, after getting some of the main elements blocked in, I decided that I really, really didn't like the placement of the verticals along the diagonal. So that required some changing things around. I've also worked and altered the sky color - creating something atypical, but interesting, I think. Also, the background row of vegetation ... has been another challenge to get pushed back, interesting in color, and somehow believable without being the typical brown, dried vegetation color. Instead, I've used some out and out pinks, some ochres - and some violets are involved. An interesting balancing act between warm and cool colors.

There is still quite a bit more to do here, but ... perhaps this is somewhere near half done? Who knows how long - it all depends on my time (back to the daily classroom on Monday) and on the problems I encounter! But, I'll keep you posted!

1 comment:

Quilt Works said...

I an always attracted to trees, especailly bare ones. You did a great job!
I love the colors in the work - especially the shadows!

I am a follower now :-)

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