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Friday, July 18, 2008

Sunflower Triptych is Done ... or almost done!

Sunflower Triptych, Oil on 3 canvases measuring 14 x 48"

The set of 3 is finished ... for the most part. It may need a few more touches, but basically, this is it! What I have hoped to accomplish here is a sense of the presence of the flowers (the color is a little more intense in person than you see here). The presence is accomplished, I think largely because of the size of the flowers and the expanse of the 48". But also, I hoped to achieve a sense of light and glow behind the flowers. I had thought of using gold leaf somehow - and have now re-thought that idea.

What you don't see here so clearly is that there is quite a bit of warmth to the yellow in the flowers. I got that through the use of some cadmium reds added to the several colors of yellow that I used for the flowers. I feel that I learned quite a lot as I made this painting. I'm pleased with the outcome.


Terry Banderas said...


This is a beautiful piece of work. You really did a nice job. I like the shape of the image. I am trying to do more than conventional sizes also.

Debra J.Sepos said...

Very nice! Love the triptych idea.
Works well with the sunflowers.

Christine Bray said...

I love the triptych of the sunflowers. Your oil paintings have such a watercolor feel to them. Great color and atmosphere.

Rosehaven Cottage said...

Oh! It's breathtaking! I just love it! You've done such an amazing piece. I'm really in awe.


Helen Read said...

Thanks so much! Terry, Debra, Christine and Cindy! Your encouragement and comments are so much appreciated!

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