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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

3 Things to mention....

First .... a watercolor in progress:

This will be a Zinnia - approx 7 x 11" watercolor on paper

Notice the power of value! You can only see a little bit of this flower - more than half the image isn't painted at all yet - but - you can see the shape and form of the flower quite clearly. That all has to do with the lights and darks, really. Also, I love the abstract shapes of the shadows ... to me this is a very intriguing image for its clearly seen, yet often overlooked elements! I'll be posting more as I get more done. (One little aside ... I worked on this last night while the new kitten was prancing around! At one point she jumped on the paint brush of blue right as I was about to apply it.... Didn't notice until this morning that her little white toes are quite blue!)

Second - the Sunflower triptych is nearly done! Yay! It is currently drying - and I'm pleased with what I've gotten so far. I figured out today that it is about 864 sq. inches of painted canvas... no wonder it has taken awhile! Anyway - I hope to be able to post final shots of it soon - one ongoing issue is the need for a digital camera. That would make photographing so much easier ... (yes, my daughter has one - but sadly - the batteries need to be recharged. Before that can happen, she has to find the charger ~ it may be quicker to get my own!)

Lastly - I am also working on another small oil painting. As it is finished within the next few days, and it dries, I'll be posting it too!

Lots going on here! Keep checking in! :)

1 comment:

Michelle (artscapes) said...

My cat did that once! Blue paint and cat tracks across the floor....

Beautiful flower!

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