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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A change of pace!

Blue Kitten, 6x6" Acrylic on canvas

OK, I know - this is nothing like you've seen me post before... and the truth of the matter is, this is something completely different than I've done before. I was interested in trying a nearly monochromatic approach to a subject. and also interested in working with values being represented by a color. (My subject is the newest member of our family, a new kitten.)

So, here you have the outcome. Interesting, I think. It was fun to do something entirely different. By the way, my small audience watched her portrait being done - and attacked the canvas a few times. She is now wearing a small dot of paint next to her ear!


Luciano Bove said...

Congratulations I love your work!

Helen Read said...

Thank you, Luciano! How encouraging you are!

Avril Brand said...

Beautiful, Helen! You captured the little darling's expression so well!

Debra J.Sepos said...

Yahoo, we made it. Happy Anniversary to you! Let's pray for an even better year this year!

Todd Bonita said...

Really nice gesture and personal piece here..good for you Helen. I do monochromatic under paintings before I add color and sometimes I think I should stop at that stage because the piece looks finished...I think your piece is a good example of that here. I've never tried blue before..hmmm..I may have to steal that from you. I love the Sunflower tryptic.
Hope you are well.
All the best,

Michelle said...

You did a great job with Junebug's expression!
Awesome work!
Absolutely adorable subject!

Anna said...

Helen, I am always impressed by the variety of art you display. This is actually very cool. Anna :)

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