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Saturday, December 1, 2007


Well, I've been tagged by Karen Appleton, whose work I watch and admire for so many reasons... and while I'm waiting for paint to dry, let's have some fun on this cold, snowy 1st day of December!

When tagged, a blogger is supposed to list and link that person who has tagged you, tag 5 more new people, and mention 5 things about yourself. So ~ here we go!
I mentioned Karen Appleton above. Though she is a Chicago area artist, I have not met her... but I really enjoy her work. I hope you'll follow the link to her site and look at what she's doing! I'm especially inspired by her sense of color and how to capture that.

5 new people I am tagging:
1. Brenda York. Brenda's work is fun and quirky and full of color.
2. Debra Sepos. Debra has some beautiful still lifes which are done with a sensitive touch!
3. Mick McGinty. I love the variety of work that Mick produces ... and it is all so skillfully done!
4. Miss Sandy at Quill Cottage. Sandy's blog is one that when I visit, I feel as if I've just been to a quiet little bed and breakfast out in the country - away from the daily craziness of life!
5. Karen Mathison Schmidt. At Karen's blog, I'm inspired by her wonderful expressive work and inspirational words.

OK, 5 things about me:
1. My family is growing up ... and I'm going to become a mother-in-law in the coming year! Yikes... how did that happen?
2. My faith becomes more important to me, the older I get and the more I realize I don't know! Its good to know Someone who does know all that I don't... and who knows my heart.
3. I grew up in a rural part of Texas - that is no longer all that rural. We lived on a ranch, which was a camp for kids in the summer - and our home in the winter. So much of who I am came from those formative years between the ages of about 7 and 15 ... being connected to the land and to nature, raising and riding horses, and relationships with people who remain very dear to me, though are now quite distant.
4. I've now lived in Illinois a little longer than I have in Texas - but still consider myself a Texan. (I think I always will)
5. Art has always been a language of importance in my life. Many people do not understand the compelling call of a creative spirit, but I am learning that it is an integral part of what makes me who I am!


Anna said...

Helen nice to know more about you. Keep it up, doing great job with your art. Anna :)

Miss Sandy said...

Love your fluttering leaves below! And, yes, I will paly tag with you!
Miss Sandy

Karen Appleton said...

I just realized you may be close enough for a visit??? My husband and I moved to Chicago a little over a year ago. Do you ever come in to Chicago? Maybe we could meet at the museum for a special exhibit?? Thanks for playing tag and take care!

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