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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Finished Steeple

Steeple 1, 5x7" Oil on canvas

Please click here for availability of this painting, or purchase information.

Here is the finished painting! For those of you in the Wheaton, IL area - post your guess about which church this is in town. I'll post the location in a few days.

This painting only had a few minor adjustments since my last post about it - a few extra details on the steeple, a little smoothing out of the sky color, and a little work on the tree branches. This is a much more fine detail and realistic approach to painting than is typical for me - but it's fun to do different things... and it really forces me to observe the subject - That's a good thing in art! I used thin washes of oil paint and built up my layers - and also used liquin (fine detail) and a tiny brush to accomplish some of the hair's breadth details.


Anonymous said...

Just beautiful Helen! Very well done. Happy Holidays!

Thea said...

Well done - love your post on year in retrospect - we forget how hard we worked.

Helen Read said...

For anyone interested:

The steeple location -
First Presbyterian Church, Wheaton.

Helen Read said...

Thank you for your kind comments, JD and Thea!

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