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Monday, December 10, 2007


The Progress Continues

Since my post a couple days ago, I've progressed on this small painting. As you can see, I've added a lot more detail. I adjusted the colors of shadow and sunlight. Though the sunlit areas look very white here, they are modified with some yellow and rose - giving a warmish glow. Next to the blues and violets of the shadow, though, the eye sees those areas as bright white.
The small windows in the steeple were completed using a very small brush and liquin. I also heightened the darkest darks.

I do not use black paint. I don't even buy it! It is probably controversial... but it was how I was trained. My students are completely panicked when I tell them that I've removed all sources of black pigment from the classroom! But, then I tell them how to mix an interesting black with lots of great undertones of color. It is also quite possible to darken color without black, though that seems a concept hard to grasp for high school students! Here, I have created "black" in the steeple using ultramarine blue, violet, and raw umber, with a little phthalo blue added.

As you can also tell from the original post, I added a bare tree - well, just some of the upper branches - to the right. That area of the picture needed something more, and it helps make the blue blue of the sky believable. Here in the Chicago area, the sky is never that blue in the summer - only in the cold winter, when the humidity is no longer affecting light and color.

What's left to do?? I think there are a few more detail adjustments to make, as well as a bit more attention to the sky. Working in the small format has been somewhat more difficult in this type of painting than working larger ... the small details are really small!

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Anna said...

Helen what a nice touch up, however, I enjoyed both pictures, each having its own character. Anna :)

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