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Monday, December 3, 2007

Backward Glance at Summer

Lily and Pads, 5x7" Oil on Canvas

Now with our first winter storm (ice, snow, rain - all in 1 event) I'm posting a summery kind of image! This is actually from a photograph I took a few years ago - the colors were very intense - in parts - and very sun washed in others. It made for a dramatic spread of colors.

Also, this weekend, while the weather was going on outside - I refurbished my website. Drop by and take a look! There are a lot of different areas to go in order to browse the whole thing - enjoy the visit ... a sort of virtual open studio!

Please click here for information about the availability or purchase of this painting.


Anna said...

Helen it is nice to see refreshing image like this, its been only 2 weeks of snow, and I am already missing the summer. Anna :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Helen, came to visit you via Karen's blog.
This lily pad painting is a beautiful piece. I especially like that bit of water at the top right with reflections.

I visited your website. I think some of the landscapes under botanicals have a nice, dreamy quality. Your abstracts are cool too. Kinda organic.

Nice work!

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