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Friday, November 30, 2007

Completed Series?

Red String, 5.5 x 4" Mixed media (Watercolor and Ink) on paper

I think the series is complete... but perhaps time will dictate otherwise! Its been fun to do these little cat pictures .... and they seem to have been very well liked by those of you who have commented. My next step is to develop these into a set of notecards. I'm exploring the best ways to do that and will keep you posted!


Trish said...

They would make adorable note your cats.

Heartaday said...

I love your little cats. :)

You might try Zazzle as a way to have notecards printed. I have a gallery there and I like it better than Cafepress for two reasons: 1) There's a social networking component and 2) It's completely free.

My Zazzle Gallery

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