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Monday, October 15, 2007

Once again... waiting for paint to dry!

White Callas - 24" x 24" Oil on canvas

I'm waiting again! So, in the interim, I'm posting an older painting - part of a set of white flowers done in a rather O'Keeffe-ish style. I really am attracted to the spiraling design qualities of calla lilies. And of course, painting white is never really painting white! This obviously has a lot of lavender in the recesses and there is a good deal of thin yellows and pinks throughout.

In the meantime, in spite of a very busy week, while concurrently working on a commission - I do have a small daily painting that is drying and will be ready to post in a day or so!


BoydGreeneArt said...

White, always not to paint too white. I just did a painting of white flowers and as you said it is not all white. But some people just cannot understand. I did try to make it as white as possible so you cannot readily see the local colors on the flower without looking. I might have to go back with a very light coat of scumbling.

Yours looks very nice.

Debra J.Sepos said...

One of my favorite flowers.
Very nice.

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