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Friday, October 19, 2007

Inspired by the season ~

Red Leaf, 3.5 x 5" Watercolor/Acrylic on paper

The leaves have not turned the bold varied colors as much this year in our area, but I found this one yesterday and it was outstanding! The ribs reminded me of lightning streaks. This is a small watercolor study - almost abstracted with the color of the shadows against the leaf color.

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Anna said...

Beauty, just sad that all will be gone soon, we got some wild winds here tearing all leaves from trees. Anna :)

Miss Sandy said...

Beautiful little Atumnual treasure! Helen, I forget when I look at your at your paintings that they are small works of heart and the detail of working in such small scale is incredible. I just love your work. I put in a word with Santa about my favorite so far, keep painting!
Miss Sandy

Anonymous said...

Again, Beautyful!

How do you keep up with teaching, being a mom and all the beautyful art work?

Helen Read said...

Thanks so much!

fonnier2 said...

It is beautiful as all your work, Mimi

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