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Sunday, October 7, 2007

Along the way ~

Journeying, 9 x 3" Mixed Media

I was thinking about this yesterday... We don't really see our lives very completely. We see the right now pretty well, but not so easily how all the various parts assemble a whole. And yet, by taking the time to look at different times and places in life, they do seem to come together to form a sort of pattern, a tapestry perhaps, too large to see with just a quick glance.
This is true of my life, and I suspect true of the whole human condition. There are difficult passages along with times of great beauty. But, woven throughout - in each passage, along each bend, in the wild rapids, and in the calm quiet areas, is one constant - God's pursuit of our hearts. It takes looking for it to see it, sometimes ... because the wild rush of life is so much upon us. Sometimes it doesn't seem as if he's there at all, that maybe he's walked away and left us in the wilds alone. Yet, that is not what God says. He says he is there with us, waiting, watching, protecting, working ... because he is passionate about his relationship with each one of us. That is a strong word from a trustworthy God! May we all stop for a moment in the wild rush of life - and experience the passionate pursuit of God for our individual hearts.
(ideas from Exodus and in particular, Ex. 34:14)

This small tryptych is meant to be seen as a whole, though each part is different. It is mixed media - acrylic and oil pastel. Though you can't see it well here in the photo, it uses metalic and interference paints in places to create a shimmering appearance. I have tried to capture a sense of beauty and mystery in each of the 3 different sections, some darker than others. And I've tried to capture the idea of a meandering river changing course and direction, but always heading toward a destination. All that being said, it may not be a finished piece yet... time will tell if more needs to be done!


BoydGreeneArt said...

Wonderfully beautiful.

Very nice article. I'm amazed at how I have gotten to where I'm at in life. I wouldn't have chosen the way but it has been awesome.

I had one time in my life near to September the 11th when God definitely showed me that no one could go as far as Him with me. I have some great friends but there comes a time when only One can go with you. A horrible experience but the greatest blessing as well.

I believe if I had of really of listened to God I would have got to where I’m at a lot easier but I’m hard headed. If I could encourage teenagers to do one thing, it would be for them to learn whom they are and what they want to do with their gift of life.

I think all art should be a story and I love that about this painting. Well done!

Anna said...

Hi Helen, very nice like always. I noticed that this blog seems to be more active (I don't know where was I, lol), so I will be switching here, so I can enjoy reading your thaughts. Anna :) (updated my link too)

Anne Branch said...

As a Branch - I particularly like this one, Helen.

Helen Read said...

Thanks for your encouraging remarks!

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