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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Green Fringe

Green Fringe, 8 x 5" mixed media on paper
©2010, Helen Read
ready to mat and frame

For information on this small artwork,
please visit this link.

This small painting, is about the only one I was able to get out of my studio this month! This small flower (quite green) was given to me in a larger bouquet.

The month of April had some unexpected events ~ the older I get, the more uncertainty I notice in life. On April 1st, I got a phone call from my parents who live about 1100 miles away. My dad spoke to me, telling me he had had a heart attack during the night before. He was calling me from the hospital. Though this was serious news, he sounded strong and positive. Of course, I kept in touch by phone, and it sounded as if he was improving and in fact, he was released to return home on Easter Sunday. That evening, he had a similar, although worse heart attack in the night, again being hospitalized. At that time it became evident that I needed to go to TX. I made my reservations, and then though there was no real worsening of his condition, a day later I changed my reservations to go the next day. This meant frantic work on my end, writing lesson plans for a week and arranging a substitute teacher, and getting things ready to go at home.
Unexpectedly, during that night before I got there, he had a final heart attack and passed away very peacefully.

Thus began the month of April and an unexpected trip to TX in the spring time, a gathering of dear family and friends, and saying a final, earthly good bye to my dad. In spite of the reasons for being together, it was a wonderful time of celebration, really. Remembering my dad and his funny personality, recalling the many ways he touched the lives of those around him, and the piece that spoke the most reassurance, celebrating his strong and certain faith in Jesus Christ, his Savior. His was a full and rich life - from being a WW2 veteran, to his life career working in various capacities with young people as a leader and educator, to working in various capacities of leadership in his church. But, its not a life about all the things he did that gives us a sense of peace and hope - it is that he placed his simple trust in Jesus as his Savior. That's something that takes no special talent - only a heart that believes.

So as we said good bye, there were tears - of course - but more that that, there was joy. For those of us who have believed the words of the Bible, that Jesus is our redeemer and the lover of our souls, we will be reunited beyond this temporal life. That is a reason for more joy than sorrow.


Anonymous said...

Yes, ma'am, the first time I met your parents, in 1975, your dad was chasing your mom around the dining table because.......... she had the bag of M&M's. Such an appropriate introduction to a pair with both humor and kindness in their hearts!

Helen Read said...

Yes... this sounds pretty typical - especially in years gone by! Life was never dull!!

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