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Sunday, May 16, 2010

I will worship

Worship I, from the series
©Helen Read
acrylic and mixed media

This piece is a complete abstraction - showing a completely abstract concept.... worship. My idea here was to start with no preconceived idea - but let my hands and the media be an act of worship in a completely non-verbal language.

I believe that the Lord God is the master artist.... just look at the world in which we live! Look at the sky, the arrangement of clouds, color, stars, and moon! Look at a field bursting forth with life at the end of the winter. Look at the clothing of burning autumn color on trees and bushes that were very recently a hundred tones of green! Not only is creation visually a work of art - it is also a work of art systematically and conceptually. From His hands have flowed all of creation and from His hands all is sustained! From the mysterious gravitational pull in our universe down to the forces that keep the tiniest atomic structure in place. From His hands the colors of light are painted across the sky and dappled across my front lawn. From His hands each dew drop clings to the blades of grass and sparkles in the sunlight - containing a tiny reflection of the world around it, when one looks closely. When we look deeply and take time to consider the world we take for granted - it is far greater than amazing!

My offering of worship is comparably very small - and yet, it is acceptable. That's the great thing about the Lord; He is a God of great and unmeasurable love, and he accepts our worship when we put it forth with a sincere heart.


Carol DeMumbrum said...

Beautiful paintings and words! Thanks for sharing!

Serena said...

God's handiwork is amazing! Thanks for the inspiring words. Enjoyed your art on the back of Wheaton's spring magazine.

Helen Read said...

Thank you Serena and Carol! So glad you stopped by!

Anonymous said...

Helen, this picture of worship is simply beautiful.

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