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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The progression of expression...

2 Media - but the Same Composition:

This progression shows how my thought process developed for this painting. I started with an oil pastel version - working out the colors and ideas for the composition. It is much smaller, but I liked the idea and how it was coming together.

Snowy Bank, 6x8" Oil pastel on paper
©2009, Helen Read

Click here for more information on this small painting

You can see the effect of built up layers of oil pastel as it lays on the paper in this particular rendition. I was intrigued by the mixture of colors in the shadows. It seemed that there was more to explore here in the media of oil, so that was the next generation!

Icy Riverbank, 11 x 14" Oil on canvas
©2009, Helen Read

You may see this and other landscapes from my studio at my website.
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The media of oil makes a difference in the overall effect. While the composition is essentially the same, and the color scheme is also much the same - the overall effect is a little different. Both have their individual appeal!

Either way, these are quite representative of our northern Illinois winter! And, as I write, we are getting yet another layer of white covering... its quite beautiful and rather peaceful.

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