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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Work in progress - triptych

You've no doubt wondered, if you've been watching, what has taken so long ... why I haven't been posting quite as often. Well, there is a reason. This is a work in progress - 3 in 1, really - and besides this one, I've been working on some other larger paintings, which I'll post soon.

This one - the Pink Gerbera Daisy Triptych - was inspired by one of my own potted plants that I brought in for the winter. I've done this before, but never had a bloom indoors! This year, though - a striking bloom.... and this kind of flower has such intense color! Just beautiful.

Anyway, in celebration of that unusual event - I created a triptych showing a profusion of color! My photo here is a bit over exposed ... its much brighter and intense in life. As these are finished (still not completed) and dried - I'll be able to take better photos and post them a little larger.

3 - 8x8" canvases - Oil - measuring 24 x 8" total

This is how they started out - a rough oil sketch on the canvas - then values are blocked in (very generally). After that - colors were begun. Now at this time, I have to finish the background, which always gives me a little challenge - finding something that sets off the main idea - but doesn't overwhelm it - and remains interesting all at the same time! I also want to do a little more glazing of the flowers to create some of the deeper values within that are too general at the moment.

I hope to finish this triptych - and another larger landscape that I've been working on for several years.... THIS week!!! Well, that's my goal. Check back and see how I'm doing with keeping my goal!

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