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Monday, March 2, 2009

The tulip continues to progress

If you've been watching the progress of this larger botanical painting - here is the latest. I've made some changes... and if you'd like to compare with the previous rendition, please scroll down a few posts to see the most recent posting, and a few more past that will show the start I made on this.

The center of the flower is enlarged and the colors are heightened.

The shadows are now glazed back to be a more silver-like tone rather than violet.

I still have a little more left to do, but it is now nearing completion. I will work a little more on the white petals - trying to pick up some rose and yellow tones. Even though it is a white tulip, there is no pure white on the canvas! The white petals are mixed with other colors, but they look quite white in comparison to the silver/gray tones of the shadows.

My paint is applied rather thinly - and then glazed back with various tones to get the shadows. Also I glazed the center of the flower with some deep cadmium yellow and alizaran crimson to get a depth of color around the middle. (I use Liquin, fine detail, mixed with a little pigment. This has to be applied over another layer of paint.)

Well - I should post my final version soon! Keep watching!

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