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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Summer Bouquet

Bouquet, 6x6" Oil on Canvas with Gold Leaf

This is another experimental piece ... even though the subject matter is similar to what I've been doing. For this one, I applied some small areas of gold leaf after the painting was completed. It is hard to see in the image because my scanner doesn't pick up well the metallic color and the glint it gives. But its there (look in the top corners, and also for details in the flowers at the centers). After applying the gold leaf, I painted a thin layer of liquin over it to secure it and keep it from being so fragile. I think that worked very well.

The continued experimentation with new ideas, new materials, new methods gives the artist an inexhaustible wealth of possibilities! When I work with new ideas or ways of doing things, it makes me realize how I have only scratched the surface (barely) of knowledge and how much room there is to learn and grow!


Chellesky said...

Love your new summer bouquet painting Helen, is this the alstromera flower?
Beautiful colour choices,its wonderful to see you enjoying your experimentations too. Its the only way to grow girlfriend!

Helen Read said...

Thanks so much! I'm not sure the type of flower... but they were lovely!

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