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Friday, August 22, 2008

Long week - new small painting underway!

Coneflower - first steps

Well, it has been a long week. School started again - so, this week has been intensively trying to learn names and faces and get classes started and all the paperwork that goes into getting a new semester of school functioning! Needless to say, not as much studio time! But, hopefully next week will yield a little more time for doing the things I really want to do artistically!

I love the design that shows in this flower! Notice the seed head and how the seeds look like little orange points of light. They aren't exactly randomly placed either! They follow a pattern of rows - but kinda on the diagonal. Its things such as this that speak loudly to me that there is a Master Designer that has designed and created the world in which we live!

This is just a start on a new preliminary painting - 5x7" oil - which is really a small study for a larger botanical painting I want to start in the next few weeks. I have begun this one with a photo from my neighbor's yard, then a compositional study with paper and pencil. Finally, beginning with washing in a few thin layers, but trying to keep the seed area (where orange shows) light and transparent, so that it is reflective. I'll post my progress over the next few days. We'll watch it develop together!


Miss Sandy said...


I posted on your contest on my blog today and I'll be getting my list to you later this evening. I hope you do not mind but I did use your image of your painting to promote your give away. I hope this will help out your mailing list!

Have a great weekend!

Mary K Broshear said...

Lovely! I really like the view you have of the flower. Looks like you have a good foundation with the colors you've laid in. Waiting to see how it progresses.
Love the Petunia in Saturday's post, the veining is great!

Mary K Broshear

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