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Friday, August 8, 2008

The newest new thing in progress!

I have a beautiful veined petunia growing in my yard ... and the veining is so visually interesting, I thought that making it into a larger magnified painting would really be interesting! This painting is 20 x 24". The composition is slightly diagonal and in this first image, I'm trying to get the shapes correctly placed and get the relationship of values down.

The earliest stages of this new painting - blocked in with shape and values beginning.

More refining has been done - although much more is still to be done!

Some background color has been added, although it is still quite flat and honestly, very uninteresting. Of course, the background should not overtake the subject of the painting - but - this is a truly boring background! So, more work needs to be done.
Also, the colors of the flower and the values within it need to be intensified too.

I've continued to work on this - so I've already done some of what I'm suggesting here. More is needed still - and I'll post an image soon so that you can watch what happens!


Chellesky said...

Astounding work Helen I love how the detail of this petunia just sucks me right in and my eye follows all them lovely veins you have drawn.
This is already looking gorgeous, looking forward to seeing the final painting soon (hugs)

Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage said...

I'm really liking what I see on this piece so far. The veining already looks spectacular! Great work.

Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

Miss Sandy said...

Thanks for stopping by and I love this newest painting, the scale and detail are wonderful!

Please forgive me, I totally forgot about the email list! I still have some time to get it together and get it to you. I'll contact my contacts this weekend and get back with you soon.

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