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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Pink veined petunia!

Pretty in Pink, 28 x 18" Oil on canvas

I've finally completed this larger painting. My photography of it is only so-so... it seems a little over-exposed on the left. I'll work at getting a better photo.

I'm pleased with the outcome. The color of the flower is very intense - and I had to keep adding more color in order to try to match that of the actual flower. I wanted to create the wonderful abstract-ish qualities of the veining without looking contrived. It took many layers of glaze to get it, and you (hopefully) can see some undertones of purple in the pink!

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Maria said...

This is GORGEOUS,Helen! I feel bad I haven't visited for some time, I've been a busy bee lately :)

Chellesky said...

Stunning work Helen and I dont think the vein work on the flower looks contrived at all, its sublime (huggies) Chelle

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