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Friday, January 4, 2008

Work in the new year...

As is so frequent, I'm waiting for paint to dry.... It takes awhile - especially with thick applications of paint, which is what my next small painting has.

In the meantime, I want to direct you to Quill Cottage and Miss Sandy, who recently was given a painting I did this summer. She has written so beautifully and found deep personal meaning in the painting. Her site is always fun and interesting and inspiring.

Besides waiting for paint to dry, I am also working on ideas for Valentines Day ... more to come soon on that as well! I hope the Christmas holiday season was a wonderful one for you and your family. My family was all home, so things stayed quite busy. But a regular routine seems to be returning to us. I am looking forward to more frequent posts of my paintings again!

In the meantime, I'm posting an older drawing which is part of a
private collection.
This is colored pencil on paper. It measures approximately 11 x 14" and is of a wonderful (very) old elm tree in our area of Northern Illinois.
I was especially intrigued by the wonderful contrast between sunlight and shadows on the tree itself... and also all the cast shadows of the trees. In my mind, this picture evokes a visual image of the first Psalm - which makes mention of the person who builds their life on God's ways - they are like a thriving tree planted near the water.

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