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Monday, January 28, 2008

The Business Card has arrived!

There is more to building a presence in art than just the paintings... although you don't have much without that component! This weekend I spent a lot of time working on my business card. It has been on my "list of things to do" for several months! I wanted something that was representative and memorable - visually interesting - and I really just hadn't had the time to devote to the development of the ideas. Yesterday, I finished the business card. This is side 1 - side 2 has pertinent information about how to contact me and what I do. It is printed on a grainy oatmeal card stock. All in all, I'm pleased with the outcome.

I am also finishing work on a postcard to be mailed to friends/acquaintances who are not aware of what I'm doing artistically. I'll post that in the next few days.

I love crossing off a lingering item on my list!


Michelle (artscapes) said...

I like it!
I find I can never settle on one design for very long and end up doing short run. But you have inspired me to get one done and stay with it! :)

Anna said...

Helen I like it very much, so different, so uniqu and refreshing at the same time. Anna :)

Anonymous said...

I think the front of this card captures your work as I've seen it on your site, Helen.

Did you design it yourself using a program like Adobe Illustrator or did you work it up with one of the online business card places? As a graphic designer, I'd be curious to see how side two was laid out. Did you feel you were limiting yourself by only putting your work on one side since your card will more than likely go into a roladex with the contact info (i.e., no image) facing out. I'm always curious what the thinking process was when artists put their card (and marketing collateral) together. - JWP

Helen Read said...

Thanks! Jwp, I actually scanned one of my drawings and using an editor (fireworks) I made it the right size then added the wording. These are printed by me, actually, so I used a template to line them up (made adjustments) and printed.
The back side includes my name, PO box address, website, blog, and email addresses.

I chose to put my info on the back so that the front side would have room for an image. I don't think it's a limitation, but I guess time will tell!

I guess, I'm hoping the image will grab enough attention to warrant a flip of the wrist to find out how to see more!

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