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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A Tete-a-tete ~

Three Lemons, 6x6" Oil on Canvas

This is the first still life of the new year for me. I wanted to focus on the underpainting being a warm, vibrant color - to add a sense of warmth to the 3 yellow lemons. I was so captivated by the undertone showing through in places, I wanted to leave it there plainly. As you can see, the underpainting is a very dark rose color. It show through in some of the shadow areas as well as through the skin of the lemons. There are also undertones of green in the lemons. Some of the shadowed areas were quite warm, and other areas were much cooler in color. The stroke marks are visible and with the broken application of color, this painting has an overall impressionistic feel to it.

My title isn't too original - but, as I looked at it, it seemed as if the 3 lemons could be deep in conversation!

Oh - one more thing - I just noticed that this posting makes my 100th post since starting my blog in July. As you can see, it isn't a daily thing - but almost! Thanks to those of you who come by for a visit often... you make this very worthwhile!

Please click here for more information or availability of this painting.


Miss Sandy said...

MMMMM! Lucious looking lemons! I love the sunny color, such a plesant change from the outside grey day after day. Thanks for spreading a little sunshine. Do you or someone you know do china painting? I am seeking someone who would be interested in hand painting a cup and saucer for a ministry project. If you know of someone please send them my way.
Miss Sandy

MJ said...

You have great talent. I especially liked your painting in your post On the Horizon---

I like your blog and I am subscribing to it.

Do visit my blog. You may find it interesting.

doudy said...

I am starting to discover the watercolor department :))
But looking at other painting mediums is very useful.... Great still life, it hard to see still life so alive :) very nice colors and composition, I'll visit your blog a lot ...

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