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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Cleaning the studio! Great offer!

I'm cleaning my studio to make room for new work in 2008! And, I need to make some room.
So, I'm trying a new idea - the 5 paintings above are being offered with discounts for 1 week only. (January 7 - January 13, 2008)

Here's how it works:
Buy 1 of the above paintings and take off a 10% discount (original price on all is $100)
Buy 2 paintings - for a 15% discount
Buy 3 paintings - 20% discount
Buy 4 paintings - 25% discount
Buy all 5 paintings - 30% discount

(IL residents add 7.25% sales tax)
Shipping is $10 for the 1st painting, and I'll pick up additional shipping for orders of multiple paintings.

You can email me for more information at:
or visit my website for specifics on this offer.

I am hoping to (obviously) make room in my studio, but also to invite others to own an original oil painting! For those new to the art world, there is something very special about owning an original rather than a reproduction. The colors are more vivid than a photo, the texture is 3-D and very tactile, and the sense of value is much higher and more lasting with an actual stretched canvas. It's never been easier - or more affordable - to hang an original oil painting!


Kari & Kijsa said...

Quill cottage sent us over- we just had to see all the wonderfulness!!

kari & kijsa

Miss Sandy said...

Oh I love that sea shell paiting too! Maybe cupid (hubby) can get it for me for Valentine's Day, I'll ask anyway! Still in love with my shell and bottle!

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