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Saturday, November 17, 2007

This week ......

Commissioned Bowl,
Hibiscus and Lily of the Valley - 12" Acrylic on wood


I'm posting a commission I completed earlier in the fall... because this week has been filled with behind the scenes stuff, including technological repairs that had to be made. It was also the last week of school before Thanksgiving Break - and necessitated extra time spent with work.

However, this is what's been going on in my studio. I've been painting (and hope to have a painting ready to post in a few days), I've been designing... some basic informational materials, but also some items with some of my images to sell, and I've been busily comparing printing options and such for those items I'm hoping to produce. The week has sped by, and I've been frustrated at many points that I haven't been able to get more completed without the snags that always seem to occur.

I've also worked on one other bowl commission this fall, which is not yet completed. It has presented numerous difficulties. But, I hope to have it completed THIS week! I used to do quite a few bowls but am moving away from them mostly because of the escalating expense of working on that surface - and the nagging sense that the materials I'd been using successfully have had some sort of compositional change.... they simply do not apply in the same way as they used to.


Debra J.Sepos said...

I love the your bowl! So bright and cheery. Great design!

Terry Banderas said...

That bowl is a true work of art. I am sure the client was happy.

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