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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Celebrating My 9 Year Adventure!!

It was July 2007....  I made a commitment to get serious!
I started this blog - and planned to paint a little bit every day.  I knew it would take discipline and I knew it wouldn't be easy... I am a full time public school teacher.  At the time I started this, I was also a full time single mom.  The kids have now grown, gotten married, and started families of their own.
I didn't know if I was crazy to even think I could do this... 

I can't say that I have painted every single day in these last nine years, but I've painted MOST days!  
I've seen a lot of ups and downs - belief and doubt - fear and confidence...
I've painted a lot of paintings - I haven't counted exactly, but its in the hundreds!  Some small, some large.
I've sold a lot of paintings here in the US, in Europe, and in Asia right here from my humble blog.   I've seen my own work and vision take shape, improve, and become more focused! 
Its been an adventure - well worth the investment of time and paint!!  
Its exciting to look back over these last 9 years and now, to look forward to what is in store! 

Featured above are paintings from my beginning - July 2007 and a sample of what I was doing in July of every year since!   I hope you can see the progression too!

To see all my available works, please click here!   There are many works available that are looking for their home! 

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