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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Once again.....

I'm working on this large painting that I had to put aside for awhile.   Here are the latest brushstrokes!!  Some good things are happening!

This one is large - 2' x 3' -  and has been quite challenging in all that is required as I work on it.  But, progress is being made.   In the top image you can see where I had left of a month or a little more ago.  Not much of the trees have been done, other than the very far ones.  In the middle picture, I've begun adding more to the trees in the nearer ground, with a few more details being included.   And the bottom picture shows that even more worked out.  Also in the nearest tree on the left, a little additional shading to show some of its contours. 

My process so far has been to work on the sky and its reflection in the water first.  These are the lightest values in the painting.  I then worked on the upright (near and far) elements (darkest values)  and am now beginning to work on the ground - both middle ground and foreground.  These will be the mid values.   Of course, there are many details to be added as well, but dividing up the painting by values is an extremely helpful strategy.

I'm continuing to work, although at pointss drying time is needed.  Because of its size, there is a lot of canvas to cover!   I am enjoying the process and seeing it come together.  
More will be posted soon!  

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