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Monday, August 3, 2015

Dappled Light from a few years back

Dappled light - watercolor on paper 
private collection - Malaysia

I'm still in the midst of my move... so I have no new work to share yet.  This one is from a few years ago, done just at this time of year.  It was sold and is now in a private collection in Malaysia. 
I was struck, when I painted this one, with the beautiful light filtering in through the trees, and the dew that still clung to the near branches of the evergreen.  Last night, we had thunderous thunderstorms - this morning it is a very similar scene. Beautiful light filtering through the leaves of the drenched leaves, reflecting off the water droplets that still cling.  It reminds me that our Creator continues to care for the world of his creation.  

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CrimsonLeaves said...

That's weird; we had no storms here night before last - though I did hear they moved through further north. Good luck with the move, Helen. Its a pain but kinda fun too! This piece is just lovely, by the way, and maybe it is your words that came with the post, but I can almost feel the humidity!

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