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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Moved, but not yet connected

The move has happened!  What a task!  And school starts today, though I've been back at work all this week....hardly time to breathe and no time, yet, to unpack.  I have mobile devices connected online, but my computer is yet to be completely installed in its new space and my entire studio is still in boxes..  So, painting and posting remains a post-phoned activity!  

While I wait to get things up and running, here are a couple pictures from my back yard.  My new studio will have this view, which is rather exciting!  I am making progress as quickly as I can to get settled...but there have been many other demands.  I hope to be back at my artistic work soon - as soon as my studio can be unpacked and a working space organized.  Have I mentioned that moving is a monumental task?? 
.... It is!!


CrimsonLeaves said...

How lucky to be on a waterway/lake like this! Beautiful!

Helen Read said...

Thank you, Sherry. Yes - it is a beautiful view. I know I'll enjoy it!

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